The New Two For A Blue Design joins the @rescue_factor Winter Fundraiser Range!

Hello Friends!

We are so grateful to Pibblemart Contributing Artist, Jessica Ramsden for donating another amazing portrait in the Rescue Factor Winter Fundraiser. You may recognize our next two cities in the portrait series, Sapphire, and Steel aka @two_for_a_blue and from our fundraising partners @rescue_factor on Instagram.

100% of the profits from the new Two For A Blue design in The Rescue Factor Collections at either or will go to support the good folks at Boxer and Bully Saviours rescue.  Pick up a Ruby or Two For A Blue design on a hoodie, T-Shirt, mug, Note Cards or any other item from the Rescue Factor Range and help us continue to support our fundraising partners!

Check out both of her awesome designs in the Rescue Factor Range

and help make a difference for animals in need today!


Two For A Blue Ruby

Get Two For A Blue Gear gear and we’ll donate 100% of the profit to Boxer And Bully Saviours Rescue!


Get Ruby gear and we’ll donate 100% of the profit to Boxer And Bully Saviours Rescue!


We’re back on Facebook! We have actually had an account on Facebook for quite some time, but I got to thinking about all the folks we know and love on Instagram who have Facebook accounts as well and decided to dust off the old Pibblemart account and start to follow a few of our rescue and advocacy partners over there as well. I also found a slew of very nice comments from customers I was not aware of! That was a nice surprise. We’re looking forward to connecting with more folks with the page and sharing our content and that of our rescue and advocacy friends. look us up if you’re a Facebooker at Pibblemart.

Customer Appreciation Winner!

In honor of the launch of the new Two For A Blue design we’re giving away a T-Shirt of choice to lucky winner @tilda_llewie_pia! We’ll be in touch to see which shirt you will pick. Thank you so much for all your support of our fundraisers!

If you got this issue of The Red Pibble blog via an email subscription, thank you! I’ve upgraded and you can now subscribe to desktop and mobile push notifications when we publish new content. Look for the pop-up and with two clicks you’re all set.


New Posts on the Blog!

We’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts from friends, rescue and advocacy partners at and we hope you will take a moment to follow them if you don’t already.

A powerful post on adoption by @ruby_the_rescued_staffie

This is Ruby’s photo taken by Four Paws who rescued her from the council pound after her 7 days were over and no one claimed her. The councils in the UK are legally obliged to keep a dog for seven days in case the dog is claimed back by the original owner. After 7 days charities like Four Paws try and find the dogs rescue space or foster anywhere in the country as the alternative is euthanasia.

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Born Innocent DDA Launches School Animal Welfare Program With London Fire Brigade

We presented our first #school presentation in conjunction with London Fire Brigade’s @londonfirebrigade Impact programme this week and we enjoyed every minute.

The programme saw us deliver seven presentations, to children across the school, where we discussed #dog bite prevention and #safety #animalwelfarewhere to obtain a dog or #puppy from, puppy farming and of course, the concept of #dangerousdogs and the law.

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Coming Up!

It’s been a busy week getting everything ready for the launch of the new Rescue Factor Two For A Blue design and making some shop upgrades and I didn’t get to everything on my list for the newsletter this week, so I’m saving our next Contributing Artist Spotlight for next issue and I am having a video tour of our shops done by a media pro so I can focus on getting the word out about our new design. I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out and what you guys think about it.

What to expect in next week’s issue:

  • Fundraising and Partner News
  • Another Contributing Artist spotlight
  • Video tour of
  • Another Customer Appreciation Drawing Winner.

All Our Love,

Kim and Angus